Global summit on
August 27-28, 2015, Dubai, UAE

Call for Abstracts

Welcome to the official website of Global summit on virology (Virology-2015), organized by Scientific Future Group, that aims at bringing together the professors, researchers, Scientists and students in all areas of Virology and to provide an international forum for the dissemination of original research results, new ideas and practical development experiences which concentrate on both theory and practices.

Our aims is to aggregate researchers, academicians and scientists from the Virology community and create an avenue towards robust exchange of information on technological advances, new scientific achievements, and the effectiveness of various regulatory programs towards Virology. The scientific program paves a way to gather visionaries through the research talks and presentations and put forward many thought provoking strategies in Virology. The scientific program will focus on current advances in the research and use of Virology with particular focus on its role in maintaining health and preventing diseases.

Track Sessions
  • General Virology and Basic Sciences
  • Viral Breakout: Prevention and Measures
  • Human Viral Diseases Affecting Afro-Asian Continents
  • HIV and Other Retroviral Diseases Affecting Afro-Asian Continents
  • Pediatric Viral Infectious Diseases
  • Organ Specific Cancers and Human Tumour Virology
  • Respiratory, Vector Borne Diseases and Emerging/Re-emerging Viruses
  • Therapeutic Approaches and Targets for Viral Infections
  • Viral Hepatitis- Virus-host interactions
  • Viral Immunology
  • Veterinary Virology
  • Clinical and Neuro Virology
  • Agriculture and Plant Virology
  • Antiviral Vaccine Development
  • Bacteriophages
  • Antiviral Drug Discovery and Development
  • Current Focus in Virology Research
  • Retrovirus-HIV/AIDS-Basic Sciences and Implications
  • Regulatory and Economical Aspects in Virology
  • Viral Safety and Risk Assessment
  • Clinical Aspects of Viral Diseases
  • Viral epidemiology and diagnostics
  • Prevention of and Therapy for Viral Infections
  • Food virology
  • Recent virus infections in the Middle East area