2nd World Congress and Expo on

Oil, Gas and Petrochemistry

November 28-30, 2016, Abu Dhabi, UAE

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2nd World Congress and Expo on Oil, Gas and Petrochemistry invites all the participants across the globe to Abu Dhabi, UAE from November 28-30, 2016. Petrochemistry-2016 addresses issues involved in asset condition evaluation for exploration, drilling, production systems, pipelines, terminals, refining, chemical manufacturing and storage facilities and health hazards. Each day focuses on presentations relevant to upstream, midstream, downstream operation and integrity management and provides an opportunity to learn about new and existing industry codes and standards, to hear about emerging trends from experts. The conference will bring together all the experts and professionals of the industry, academia, consultancies, and scientists and will offer them a great platform where they can share their experiences and ideas with others and discuss about the latest advancement of the energy sector.

The main theme of the conference is: "The Journey of Unconventional Resources from Exploration to Successful Development"

Petrochemistry-2016 is anticipating around 300 participants around the globe and the three day conference will provoke Plenary sessions, Keynote speeches, Poster and Oral presentations. The conference has a promise to be a unique high profile applied-research event with the contribution of key-opinion leaders from the energy sector around the world.

Scientific Sessions

Geology & Exploration
Process Technology
Chemical Applications
Sustainable Energy
Onshore/Offshore Support


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1st Round of Abstract Submission
September 25, 2016

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